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ScandiDos launches Delta4 Insight

In March, ScandiDos unveiled the intuitive Delta4 Insight, which we are extremely pleased to be able to offer to our customers. This software can be easily integrated with the existing Delta4 software.

Delta4 Insight verifies the accuracy of treatment plans

Delta4 Insight is a quality assurance tool for radiotherapy clinics that verifies the accuracy of treatment plans. The software features a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo dose engine, which enables precise calculation of doses and ensures that the planned treatments meet the prescribed doses for each patient. It is an independent solution that complements the Delta4 family of products by providing a full end-to-end verification process, giving clinics confidence in the accuracy and quality of their treatment plans.

Delta4 Insight: The Gold Standard in Secondary Dose Calculation

Delta4 Insight is a software solution that independently verifies the accuracy of a clinic's Treatment Planning System by using a Monte Carlo engine to recalculate doses in 3D. It offers independent confirmation of the TPS's dose calculation algorithm and checks the accuracy of the calculations made by the TPS. This helps ensure the accuracy and quality of treatment plans.

The addition of Delta4 Insight to the ScandiDos product line means that it now covers patient QA for the entire treatment process, from prescription to the final fraction. Not only does this improve workflow efficiency for Delta4 users, but it also ensures that the dose administered to patients is safely monitored throughout the treatment process.

"Our ambition when developing Delta4 Insight was to extend our Delta4 family of products into a full end-to-end verification solution where the customer can be confident that Delta4 provides the true values and not just the deviations", says Görgen Nilsson, CTO and founder, ScandiDos.

Available from Oncology Imaging Systems

To summarise, Delta4 Insight is an extremely intuitive secondary 3D dose calculation software that verifies the accuracy of treatment plans in all clinical situations. It allows users to evaluate plans according to specific objectives to ensure that they meet the required quality and accuracy standards and fully integrates with the Delta4 software.

If you are interested in learning more about Delta4 Insight or would like to schedule a demonstration, don't hesitate to contact Team OIS.

*Reference Delta4 by ScandiDos


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