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Oncology Imaging Systems announces release of ZiFix Traverse™

Oncology Imaging Systems (OIS) is pleased to announce the launch of the ZiFix Traverse™ respiratory motion management and patient immobilisation device. ZiFix Traverse™ attaches to compatible Qfix devices to help immobilise the patient while inducing shallow breathing. The anatomically shaped compression paddle suppresses tumour and organ motion. These features work together to improve patient comfort and compliance.

“With the expansion of SBRT services, OIS understands that clinicians have individual preferences when it comes to compression treatment techniques. The release of the ZiFix Traverse™ means we now have a complete range of compression solutions to suit all of our clinical partners’ SBRT needs,” says Mike Holroyd, Sales Manager at OIS. “The ZiFix Traverse™ builds upon the success of the Zifix compression belt, utilising the same contoured paddle for patient comfort, along with the impressive anterior compression capabilities.”

ZiFix Traverse™ is manufactured by Qfix and designed to reliably index and maintain pressure to suppress tumour and organ motion for imaging and radiotherapy treatments. The addition of Infinity Edge compatibility makes the Zifix Traverse™ simple to use in various clinical setups, including with other positioning and immobilisation accessories. Additionally, it can be used with compatible devices in both treatment and imaging, including MRI environments up to 3T.

ZiFix Traverse™ is available from Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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