3D Mammography Markers
Clear visualization with the least potential for "slinky" artifact in 3D mammography compared to other skin markers.
Designed for Digital Markers
Complete visibility of tissue detail without distraction or marker artifact in digital mammography.
Nipple Markers
Immediately identify nipple location as landmark for precise measurement, help detect motion, aid in positioning in profile.
Mole Markers
Provide certainty that densities on mammographic images are moles and not areas of concern.
Scar Markers
Correlate architectural distortion from previous biopsy sites by delineating exact location of incisions
Palpable Mass Markers
Readily identify symptomatic areas and provide permanent documentation that palpable area was noted.
Area of Concern or Pain
Clearly communicate areas of concern or focal pain that are not physically manifested with Altus®.
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