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Standard Imaging releases DoseView™ 3.2

Earlier this year, Standard Imaging announced the release of DoseView™ 3.2, the latest software version for its DoseView 1D and 3D Water Tanks. Standard Imaging is a leading manufacturer of QA instruments for radiation-based treatments that improve patient safety and cancer treatments; the release of this innovative software will maximise accuracy and provide better data.

“The new version of DoseView™ software offers expanded analysis functionality for efficient data reporting. Because of the water phantom’s high accuracy, it provides reliable results that makes commissioning easy” says Hugh Petersen, Product Manager at Standard Imaging.

Seamless integration with the DoseView™ 3D Water Tank

Designed to work cohesively alongside the DoseView™ 3D Water Tank, the latest release of the DoseView™ 3.2 software builds on its existing advantageous features with the addition of Isodose Curve report generation and advanced scan data export.

One of the software’s most noteworthy attributes is its user-friendly interface, minimising the training implications commonly associated with switching vendors and eliminating the requirement for retraining between annual QAs.

DoseView™ 3.2: Better hardware, better software, better data

A considerably low amount of time is required to set up the software, and full scan queues can be made in just a few clicks, with no repetitive task list management. This time-saving software provides visual and audial (where possible) alerts for any issues and notifications if changes are required, such as field size and detector type; it’ll even alert you when the current scan has finished whilst continuing with the following scan in the queue.

Furthermore, like all DoseView™ software, raw data is readily available and can be exported quickly and easily at no additional cost for each TPS. The data can be exported as PDF or to Excel/Spreadsheet for manipulation and can even be transferred to another program. Data can be filtered against specific protocol metrics, and the easy-to-use tools make processing and filtering data simple, with clear metrics for analysis; it’ll instantly display any issues.

Available from Oncology Imaging Systems

In summary, DoseView™ 3.2 is an intuitive piece of software designed to provide maximum accuracy and results that can be relied on to ensure patients receive high-quality treatments.

For more information regarding DoseView™ 3.2 and DoseView™ 3D Water Tanks or to see them in action, Team OIS is available to demonstrate the software, answer any questions, and provide additional information about the software’s capabilities and benefits.

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