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Standard Imaging Launches IMSure™ 3D Secondary Check Software

As a leading manufacturer dedicated to promoting patient safety and effective cancer treatment, Standard Imaging has developed a cutting-edge solution that streamlines physicists’ QA routines.

Newly released, the IMSure™ 3D Second Check Software empowers physicists to save valuable time. The software seamlessly imports, calculates and generates comprehensive reports within minutes, utilising an automated Monte Carlo based approach to ensure accurate secondary checks while enhancing overall efficiency.

“This high level of modelling precision combined with the accuracy of the Monte Carlo algorithm gives the clinical physicist confidence in knowing the results are robust and meaningful”, says Vicky Howard, M.Sc., DABR, Standard Imaging Medical Physicist.

Full Automation, Fast Calculations

Certified as the gold standard for patient-specific QA calculation accuracy, this innovative software is powered by Monte Carlo based technology and revolutionises workflow, seamlessly integrating into clinical practices.

With its full automation capabilities, IMSure™ 3D expedites the process, completing 3D dose calculations within minutes and allowing results to be reviewed and analysed effortlessly. CE-marked and available internationally, the software empowers users to quickly identify errors and provide comprehensive feedback, facilitating quick assessments of differences.

Enhancing Patient QA Across All Major Treatment Machines

IMSure™ 3D Second Check Software provides comprehensive support for a wide range of LINAC models and modalities, eliminating the need for separate QA solutions. From start to finish, this versatile software ensures consistent and reliable QA measurements, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

IMSure™ 3D eliminates the need for multiple QA solutions across various LINAC models and modalities, providing a unified and streamlined solution. All major treatment machines are supported by the software, including:

  • Elekta®

  • Varian® (including Halcyon and Ethos)

  • Siemens®

  • TomoTherapy®

  • Radixact®

  • CyberKnife®-systems

  • ZAP-X®

  • All Treatment Planning Systems that provide DICOM export

  • 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS (MLC-shaped photons), SRS-cones (photons), and Electrons (applicators and cutouts)

Available from Oncology Imaging Systems

To summarise, IMSure™ 3D Second Check Software revolutionises pre-treatment QA by harnessing the power of Monte Carlo accuracy, complete automation, and swift calculations.

To learn more about the features and benefits of IMSure™ 3D Second Check Software, please get in touch with Team OIS. We are here to provide demonstrations, address your enquiries, and offer comprehensive information about the software’s capabilities.

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