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Delta4 Phantom+ receives high praise from Newcastle

Following the successful installation of the Delta4 Phantom+ by OIS, Freeman Hospital have chosen to purchase a second Delta4 Phantom+ system.

The Delta4 Phantom+ system is completely wireless (integrated wi-fi and battery operation) and offers the most accurate and most efficient verification of your IMRT, VMAT and TomoTherapy plans.

Speaking about their choice, Karen Hawthorn, a Clinical Scientist at Freeman Hospital said, “With more patients than ever benefitting from IMRT treatments here at Newcastle, we needed another patient QA device to verify our treatment deliveries. After carefully considering all the commercially-available devices, we chose Delta 4 Plus. We already have an older model of Delta 4 which has been a workhorse here for many years, so we knew Delta 4 was reliable, and it has been the device of choice for patient QA across the local Cancer Network. As a Clinical Scientist, I value the straightforward, meaningful data that Delta 4 provides. The new wireless functionality of the Delta 4 Plus makes it so quick and easy to use, it’s even been described by one member of staff as ‘an absolute dream’.”

Pictured from left to right: Karen Hawthorn (Clinical Scientist), Neil Satterley (Radiotherapy Engineer), Phil Ayre (Clinical Scientist), Grace Keane (Clinical Scientist), Kate Forbes (Therapeutic Radiographer), Mike Holroyd (Sales Manger, OIS)

The patented detector configuration with two crossing detector planes enables real dose measurements in the isocentric target region where it is most relevant. The delivered dose is instantly compared to the plan and analysed against your pre-defined pass/fail criteria. With the addition of the Delta4 Anatomy software the dose can be analysed in the patient giving highly accurate and clinically relevant information empowering clinical decisions for optimal treatment planning.

The Delta4 Phantom+ now includes an ion chamber insert within the phantom making absolute calibrations an effortless task to perform. It can be easily transferred to the treatment couch with the smart designed Delta4 Trolley meaning you never have to lift the phantom: Simply place the Delta4 Phantom+ on the couch, align, switch on, and start measuring!

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