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New Exradin W2 Scintillator, the ideal SRS detector, now available

Standard Imaging, Inc., a global leader in radiation quality assurance for cancer treatment, announced the official release of the Exradin W2 Scintillator, an addition to its scintillator detector line. The W2 Scintillator is the ideal SRS detector, overcoming dependencies present in conventional detectors.

“The W2 offers significant clinical advantages because, unlike other detector types, the water equivalent W2 scintillator does not perturb small field dose distributions when it’s placed in the beam, so you can measure small fields with greater accuracy. We have the only water-equivalent solution with a beam perturbation factor kQ of 1.000, making the W2 the ideal SRS detector,” said Standard Imaging president, Eric DeWerd.

This new scintillator from Standard Imaging allows for peerless water scanning and point dosimetry that's invisible to the beam. Two detectors sizes are provided, so a 1x1 mm detector can be used when resolution is the primary need, and a 1x3 mm detector when higher signal strength is required.

The scintillator system features Čerenkov corrections that are built into the MAX SD, a dedicated optical detection and signal processing unit that comes with the scintillator. Point measurements can be performed directly with the W2 and MAX SD. Corrected measurements can also be converted to a proportional analog output that can be read by any electrometer. This functionality enables the W2 system to be connected to a water phantom for scanning measurements. Accessing the MAX SD is easy through a web page interface on your computer or mobile device.

Exradin® detectors are available from Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd in the UK and Ireland.

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