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First AI QA software for the contouring of structures now available from OIS

Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd (OIS) is excited to announce the launch of StructSure™, AI QA; the first QA software for auto segmentation contouring engines. StructSure™ is a fast, intuitive application that allows users to objectively compare anatomical contours – generated by algorithms or humans – to a library of standards.

“Verifying the accuracy of auto segmentation in an objective and rigorous manner is paramount,” says Mike Holroyd, Sales Manager at OIS. “StructSure™ is an independent, scientific, comprehensive, and efficient tool to give users confidence moving forward in the age of AI autoseg.”

StructSure™ can compare the output of any auto segmentation tool to a standard structure set with a high degree of resolution and accuracy. The software produces a visualization of differences, calculates scores & stats, and generates PDF reports. Frequent use of StructSure™ will produce quantitative feedback about how AI auto segmentation models improve over time.

StructSure™ is available from Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

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