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Beekley Medical


Beekley Medical specialises in simple, low cost, disposable products that help medical imaging, surgical, and radiation oncology professionals improve communication, productivity, and patient care.

For over 40 years, Beekley Medical® has worked in partnership with clinicians during development to ensure products are tested and proven to provide accurate localization, improved communication, and clinical efficacy.

Global Marketer of the Year Award

Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd is delighted to announce that the company was one of two winners of Beekley’s Global Marketer of the Year award in 2020.

CT Simulation Skin Markers


Save time, increase accuracy in CT treatment planning. Unique non-metallic pellets, crosshair, and line image brightly without streaking or artifact.




Unique non-metallic pellets, crosshair and line image brightly under CT simulation without streaking or artifact.



The only skin marker for CT simulation that is elevated from the skin line and helps to exclude the marker from the automatic body contour. 

Beekley Solutions
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