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OIS receives Global Marketer of the Year Award from Beekley Medical

2020 brought a unique set of challenges and opportunities to business worldwide. Restrictions set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that business simply could not be conducted as usual and new strategies needed to be implemented in order to connect with customers differently.

In recognition of the struggles many of their global partners were creatively working to overcome, Beekley Medical announced that they would be creating a new award for Global Marketer of the Year.

The criteria for this award was to realise results through creative marketing via new business related to that partner's Beekley Medical portfolio. This could include virtual conferencing, webinars, e-mail communication, use of social media, outreach that promotes Beekley Medical’s solutions, introducing a new innovative market approach, business development, and strategic planning.

Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd is delighted to announce that the company was one of two winners of Beekley’s Global Marketer of the Year award in 2020.

Oncology Imaging Systems (OIS) has been a Beekley Medical Global Partner representing the United Kingdom for over twenty years. OIS is an established provider of medical devices centred around cancer diagnosis and treatment with a specialised focus on products in the areas of diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy treatment, and medical physics applications.

Jess Fuller, Business Manager at OIS, shared what the company did to change their business model during the pandemic: “We conduct a lot of face-to-face business, so we had to make some changes. It was great to see how quickly our team adapted to conducting meetings and product demonstrations virtually, via (Microsoft) Teams®. In marketing, we stepped up our online presence and use of social media channels, and linked Beekley into a new and fun ‘Thank You’ campaign to our frontline workers here in the UK. We came up with a strategy of increased social content, combining product features and company news, ensuring we stayed relevant to current events and industry trends."

Jess added that “We are always happy to promote Beekley Medical as we strongly believe in the benefits and quality of the products. Some of the benefits which all Beekley products have in common are simplicity and cleanliness, designed for single patient use. During the pandemic, we observed an increasing interest in disposable, hygienic alternatives to replace makeshift/current methods and we were pleased to be able to respond to our customers’ needs with professional solutions from Beekley.”

In response, OIS emphasised the benefits of single-use, disposable products such as R&L-SPOT® disposable x-ray markers for documenting body orientation. The company put together short videos where customers share their experiences with the Beekley Skin Marking System for Mammography™ and GuideLines® CT biopsy grid and have even more in the works.

OIS initiated a ‘Thank You’ campaign in which we included a small card and gift in our orders to thank frontline workers for their continued hard work during the pandemic. “We wanted to reassure customers that our team was acting responsibly yet still available to support them,” explains Jess. "On social media we shared our appreciation for our customers, healthcare workers, suppliers and delivery companies who worked hard to keep everything moving during lockdown. These small gestures were very well received by our customers. Teamwork, friendliness and approachability are really important to us and this was a great way to share some positivity and stay connected at a time when contact was minimised.”


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