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OPASCA Workflow Suite

The OPASCA Workflow Suite simplifies the complex clinical routine. It ensures that all processes are interconnected and run more efficiently, leaving more time for individual and focused patient care.

From digital patient check-in to transparent, data protection-compliant management of waiting times and patient calling; from com­mu­ni­ca­tion with your patients via app to an in­­tu­­itive patient guidance system: OPASCA provides integrated, holistic so­lu­tions to optimise your workflow. 

Patient pass

The patient pass simplifies several processes during the clinical stay. Individual colour-number combinations ensure data protection compliance.

Patient check-in

Autonomous registration with the patient pass.


Entertainment in the waiting room whilst receiving information about delays and waiting times.

Patient calling

Acoustic and visual patient call via data protection-compliant colour-number combination.

Patient guidance

Dynamic, individual patient guidance via colour-number combination on screen-based guidance system.

Digital Patient Consent

In the waiting room, the patient can read the information sheet on a tablet and highlight any questions. Documents can be completed and digitally signed.

Patient Companion App

Bidirectional communication with patients via app including appointment overview, taxi call, route directions, patient reported outcome (PRO) and digital aftercare.

The OPASCA Patient Pass enables clear identification and calling of patients during the entire clinical stay, with individual colour-number combinations to ensure data protection compliance. The patients can check in and out in­de­pen­dent­ly with their pass. Thanks to real-time data transmission, staff have an overview of patient status and location at all times.


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OPASCA Patient Pass


With the OPASCA Patient Check-In, patients can independently check in and out each time they visit the clinic by simply holding their personal patient pass with integrated RFID technology against the scanner. Patients can see an overview of upcoming appointments and, optionally, make requests via the touch screen. Staff receive all information in real time and can see which waiting area the patient is in.


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OPASCA Patient Check-In


The OPASCA Patient Admission Terminal is a freestanding terminal for patient check-in with additional functionality such as issuing the Patient Pass and digital document capture. 


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OPASCA Patient Admission Terminal


OPASCA Infotainment makes waiting times pleasant and varied for patients. Patients can be provided with relevant hospital in­for­ma­tion in real time or entertained with video sequences. Optionally, an individually configurable ticker communicates current delays or service messages. The simplicity of operation and improved transparency reduces staff workload and improves patient experience. 


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OPASCA Infotainment


OPASCA Patient Calling is initiated by the staff in the control room. Both the audible call and the visual display on the waiting room infotainment use the patient’s individual colour-number combination. The call is therefore completely anonymous and con­forms to data protection regulations. The automation of the process enables faster treat­ment procedures and optimised patient guidance.


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Patient Calling


OPASCA Patient Guidance reliably navigates patients to the next treatment destination via their per­son­al colour-number combinations. Control of the guidance system takes place automatically when the patient is called up. By automating the patient’s journey from the waiting room, the system offers a significant reduction in staff workload. Large, intuitive displays provide comprehensive guidance throughout the department, ensuring patients find their destinations quickly and without detours. When the appointment is complete, staff can select guidance for an onward destination or exit. The system helps to optimise workflows and relieve stress for both patients and staff.


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Patient Guidance


With OPASCA Digital Patient Consent, patients can familiarise themselves in advance and read through questionnaires to prepare for treat­ment, highlighting any open questions. Fast and reliable integration of forms provides increased efficiency and supports optimised, paperless hospital processes. 

Clear anatomical drawings and digital processing options facilitate clarification on risks and side effects. Additional information can be added electronically as required. Then, the 

documents can be digitally signed in a secure manner. The system warns if consent is not available before the first treatment session.


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Digital Patient Consent


Bidirectional communication with patients via app including appointment overview, taxi call, route directions, patient reported outcome (PRO) and digital aftercare. 

The OPASCA Patient Companion App ac­com­pa­nies patients before, during and after the treatment process. Patients always have an overview of their personal appoint­ments and have their treatment progress at hand. Information and contact details of the clinic can be called up at any time. Staff can easily communicate schedule changes via push messages. Un­nec­es­sary waiting times can be avoided and patient autonomy strengthened.


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OPASCA Patient Companion App



OPASCA Workflow Management Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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