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Fast and reliable protection in exceptional circumstances – OPASCA RapidCall RT is a plug and play solution that has been specifically developed to address the workflow requirements of COVID-19.

RapidCall RT from OPASCA provides enhanced safety measures for clinic staff and patients quickly and with ease: personal contact is minimised and people can maintain the necessary physical distance without affecting the treatment process.

Patient Calling

Patients are called to their appointment via the information display by both visual and audio messaging. An individual colour number combination appears on a screen accompanied with audio message.

Info Display

Patient and hospital information, video and slide shows can be displayed on the screen.

Contactless Check-In Terminal

With the patient pass, patients self-register at the check-in terminal each time they visit the clinic. The display gives an information about the time of next treatment appointment.

Mobile Stand

The use of a mobile setup allows the commissioning of RapidCall RT in a very short time. No wall or floor mounting required.

Patient Registration Terminal

The registration terminal at the reception desk is used by the staff to assign an individual patient pass to a patient on their first visit to the clinic.

Management Terminal in the Linac Control Room

All patient appointments are visible on the touch display. Information about the location of each patient allows staff to optimise patient flow. Patient calling is initiated by simply touching the screen.

Patient Passes

The patient is called by the colour number combination printed on the patient pass, using both visual and audio messaging, in compliance with data protection regulations.


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OPASCA RapidCall RT Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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