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kVue ONE Proton

The kVue™ One Proton Couch Top is rigid, lightweight and specifically designed for use with robotic couches, frequently used in proton therapy applications.

The versatile kVue™ platform provides a wide range of positioning and immobilization options for treating tumoUrs of varying complexities. The expansive array of kVue™ inserts provide clinicians the flexibility to develop and manage treatments that are best suited for a patient’s specific treatment needs. All kVue™ Inserts are easily adapted to a variety of radiotherapy treatments in one simple solution. 

  • Specifically designed to provide range shift confidence for proton therapy 

  • Interchangeable inserts for full range of proton therapy treatments 

  • For use with a robotic couch


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
kVue™ One Proton Couch Top



Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
kVue™ Low-e™ Insert


The kVue™ Short Insert is a shorter flat panel insert that allows the kVue to be retracted so that extended head and neck devices can be placed at isocenter.


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
kVue Short Indexing Insert


The kVue™ Portrait™ Proton Head & Neck Insert has been specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of proton therapy for patient immobilization and beam transmission.


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
kVue Portrait Proton Head & Neck Insert



Proton Solutions Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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