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DoseView 3D

3D water phantom for quick, intuitive commissioning and QA.


Manufactured with a lightweight rigid extruded aluminum frame and stainless steel leadscrews, the DoseView 3D provides a consistent platform for repeated QA testing.


Meticulous construction ensures consistent measurement accuracy within ±0.1 mm per axis. The Cartesian coordinate system and ability to set isocenter to any point within the tank avoids rotational errors possible with cylindrical tanks.


The wireless pendant and wireless or wired PC connectivity capabilities with audible and visual cues make configuring and controlling the DoseView 3D easy and convenient to perform QA.


Three leveling screws are mounted above the phantom’s scanning volume, making it easy to fine-tune even when the phantom is filled with water.

with Lift & Reservoir Cart


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
DoseView 3D



DoseView 3D Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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