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PIPSpro Software Stereotactic

PIPSpro Software’s Stereotactic Module automatically analyzes ball marker images from portal imaging systems to determine isocentricity.

PIPSpro Software’s Stereotactic Module allows you to use your portal imaging systems to acquire the images of the ball marker and then automatically analyze those images, determining the isocentricity. X,Y,Z shifts are reported with 0.1 mm accuracy

Easy and Accurate Winston-Lutz Tests

Automatically analyze Winston-Lutz test images and verify machine isocentricty within 0.1 mm accuracy.

Unique Auto-Load Feature

With the Auto-Load feature analysis of Winston-Lutz images can be accomplished in seconds. Simply choose the folder that holds your images and click OK, the PIPSpro stereotactic module takes care of the rest.

Track and Trend Results

Your results are saved with the built-in SQL database and the included trending module will alert you to any variations in your system that require your attention.


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PIPSpro Software Stereotactic



PIPSpro Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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