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PIPSpro Software

True Leaf Speed QA, Not Just Qualitative Results

The latest version of PIPSpro includes a new MLC leaf speed module that allows the user to calculate quantitative leaf speed loss, as required by TG-142.

Filmless, Quantifiable TG-142 QA

Specialized suite of phantoms allows for EPID-based QA in TG-142 recommended procedures, including:

  • MV and kV imagers

  • Cone-beam CT

  • MLC QA tests

  • IGRT

  • Stereotactic (Winston-Lutz)

  • Radiation Field/Light Field

  • Star Shot analysis

Easy Analysis, Trending and Reporting

  • User-interface simplifies image analysis, data storage, historical trending and reporting to just a few clicks.

  • A central hub allows for quick access to TG-142 QA results from multiple computers, departments or sites.

New Results Dashboard

  • Overview of the last analysis results for a particular machine

  • Pass, fail, and alert results

  • Quick and easy review

Validated Performance

Over 100 publications validate the performance of PIPSpro and its specialized phantoms with a variety of imagers.


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PIPSpro Software



PIPSpro Brochure

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