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Delta4 Discover

In-vivo dosimetry for advanced radiotherapy

The innovative Delta4 Discover transmission detector provides confidence and patient safety based on real time measurements. Its outstanding accuracy and ease of use assures the highest efficiency in your QA process.

Safety for the patient at-treatment

The Delta4 Discover monitors with high accuracy the dose that is delivered to the patient. It automatically compares the delivered dose with the planned dose. The patient and the clinic can be ensured that the treatment is delivered precisely and safely.

Express Measure

Express Measure automatically and independently verifies:

  • Monitor Units.

  • MLC leaf position.

  • Gantry and Collimator Angle.

  • Patient position.

The system is easy to implement and doesn't require recommissioning.

The Ultra-thin Delta4 Discover detector uniquely gives you:

  • Maintained clearance.

  • Beam transparency: The attenuation is less than 1%.

  • Minimal skin dose: less than 1% additional skin dose.

  • Highest resolution: Verify the MLC leaf position with sub-millimeter accuracy.


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Delta4 Discover



Delta4 Discover Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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