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Automatic Patient Dosimetry Software

Pre-Treatment QA

No phantom needed. Verify plan delivery. Analysis & reports are generated automatically. Alerts will be sent out if they are triggered by customizable tolerances.

Daily Exit Dose Monitoring

Compare with predicted images to ensure both accuracy and consistency of treatment. View per beam metrics, per fraction metrics, and gamma metrics. Review daily patient position and daily patient geometry. Account for daily couch shifts and detect patient setup errors.

Account for Delivered Dose

Review daily and cumulative DVH as well as dose delivered to targets and ROIs in any slice of axial, sagittal, or coronal axis. View dose distribution on complete CT image sets. Compare daily and cumulative delivered dose to planned dose.

Adapt with Projected Dose

Cumulative dose delivered and patient geometry information can be used with the treatment plan to provide insights to improve patient treatment.


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Adaptivo Patient Dosimetry Software



Adaptivo Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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