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SuperMAX Electrometer

An intuitive user-interface and a host of innovative features make the SuperMAX the premier reference-grade electrometer on the market.

Built on the MAX 4000's legacy of highly accurate, reference grade measurements, combined with a revolutionary touchscreen interface and a host of advanced measurement features, the SuperMAX redefines what an electrometer should be.

Two Independent Measurement Channels

  • Independent control over range, bias voltage, and applied system factor.

  • Both channels feature extensive range (0.001 pA to 500.0 nA, 0.001 pC to 999.9 µC) for use in a variety of applications, including ratio measurements.

Built-In Detector Library

  • Eliminates the need for a PC or to apply system factor and temperature/pressure corrections.

  • Store over 100 detectors and calibrations.

  • Apply individual factors to one or both measurement channels.

Easy-to-Use Interface

  • Large, color display with built-in touchscreen.

  • On-screen keypad and pull down menus allows for easy access to settings and detector library.

Store Data Collection

  • Measurements are stored from all data collection.

  • Set automatic repeat measurements.

Exradin W1 Scintillator Integration

  • Two dedicated modes in the SuperMAX allow for seamless calculations using the Exradin W1 Scintillator.


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SuperMAX Electrometer



Electrometer Brochure

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