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Beta Emitter Source Holders

Complete line of tools for calibrating 90Sr/90Y, Metastron and Samarium isotopes

The syringe holder provides a quick and convenient QA measurement of METASTRON® 89Sr, 153Sm, and 131I vials and most liquids in a 5 cc or 10 cc syringe. Syringe Holder REF 70026 includes one 5 cc syringe and one 10 cc syringe.


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Syringe Holders


The X-Ray contamination test tool is designed for used with 90Sr/90Y sources only. It consists of a 7 mm thick wall of Delrin that absorbs nearly all of the beta particles. It allows only the bremsstrahlung radiation to pass through the source holder for measurement.


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X-Ray Contamination Test Tool

70042 (IVB 1000)

90Sr/90Y IVB source holder centers the source in the active area of the IVB 1000 Well Chamber for measurement. The collar is adjustable for sources of 30, 40 and 60 mm lengths. Source holder accommodates both 3.5 and 5.0 mm French catheters.


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90SR/90Y IVB Sources

70036 (IVB 1000)


Brachytherapy QA Brochure

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