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OrthoChromic Film Dosimetry

The OrthoChromic protocol requires only two film exposures for entire analysis: the treatment field and the calibration field.

OrthoChromic film was designed to be the most robust and user friendly dosimetry film. The special coating layer is waterproof, making it safe for use in water tanks. The reflective nature of the film is designed to eliminate most of the interfaces that can create artifacts during the scanning process with commonly used flatbed scanners. The flexible nature of the film also enables it to be used in phantoms of all shapes and curvatures.  The OrthoChromic protocol involves just three simple steps to verify an IMRT plan:

  • Scan films with treatment and calibration fields

  • Assign calibration plan to calibration field area (auto registration)

  • Assign treatment plan to treatment field area (auto registration)

OrthoChromic Film OC-1

  • Wide dose range 10 cGy - 100 Gy covering entirety of radiation therapy measurements

  • Tissue equivalent film is independent of energy, dose rate and fractionation

  • Flexible, water-proof film heat stable up to 120°C

  • Suppressed lateral scan effect

OrthoChrome Pro Software

  • Reliable and accurate varification of any IMRT plans based on latest technology development

  • New approach involves only one scanned image of two pieces of OC film

  • Quick data evaluation using automated all on one screen analysis

8" x 10", Box of 25

16" x 10", Box of 12


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OrthoChromic Film OC-1


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Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OrthoChrome Pro Software



OrthoChromic Film Dosimetry Brochure

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