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Area of Concern or Pain

Clearly communicate areas of concern or focal pain that are not physically manifested with Altus®.

The Beekley Skin Marking System® for Mammography offers radiologists a simple and effective way to identify nipples, raised moles, surgical scars, palpable masses and non-palpable areas of concern or pain. As a result, interpreting mammograms may be faster and more accurate, helping you save more lives.

The system consists of five different Beekley Medical® skin markers, each with a distinctive and unmistakable shape to interpret on an image. A circle appearing on the image could only mean one thing – a raised mole. A line indicates an area of a previous surgery, a triangle symbolises a palpable mass, a solid dot is used to mark a nipple and a square to mark non-palpable areas of concern or pain.

Breast imaging centres using the Beekley Skin Marking System for digital, analogue and tomosynthesis mammograms report better communication, fewer questions, fewer additional views and permanent documentation.

Why use a square to mark non-palpable areas of concern or focal pain?

  • Eliminate confusion on the area being marked with the new square shape.

  • Provide permanent documentation since history charts can sometimes get lost.

  • Facilitate faster read time with immediate identification of the area in question.

60 / box


  • uniform low-density see-through square

  • highlights without obscuring 

  • compatible with both digital and analog equipment


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
Altus® Light Image®


58 / box


  • low-density see-through square

  • pinch-free material 

  • designed for use with 3D breast tomosynthesis equipment 


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
TomoSPOT® for marking non-palpable areas of concern



Beekley Skin Marking System for Mammography

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