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Team OIS set to attend the UK SABR Consortium Annual Professional Conference 2022

From Thursday, 24th - Friday, 25th November 2022, Team OIS will be heading to Sheffield, where we’ll be exhibiting at the UK SABR Consortium Annual Professional Conference. The event will feature exhibitions, speakers and sponsored sessions across the two days.

Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) is the delivery of a high dose of radiotherapy through multiple beams, meaning a more conformal dose to the PTV and less dose to surrounding tissues. This allows a higher dose than conformal therapy to be delivered over fewer treatments, typically up to 8 sessions, rather than over several weeks.

SABR is typically used to treat a range of sites, including the brain, lung, abdomen (incorporating the liver and pancreas), spine and oligomets. Often, a 4D scan or MRI may be carried out for localisation to gain more detailed volumetric information on the tumour size, location and movement. In doing so, the margins required for treatment can be more precisely defined. Consideration should be given to the immobilisation used to localise the patient and tumour, both externally and internally.

The comfort of the patient and the longevity of the treatment should always be considered a priority with SABR whilst increasing accuracy and reproducibility to reduce margins.

Read on to learn more about our immobilisation solutions for highly accurate and reproducible treatment deliveries, many of which will be on display at the UK SABR Consortium Annual Professional Conference.

The solutions we'll be exhibiting

ZiFix™ Abdominal/Thoracic Motion Control System


Available as a stand-alone compression belt in a range of sizes and with two contoured compression paddles, the ZiFix™ Abdominal/Thoracic Motion Control System is comfortable for the patient whilst providing accurate and reproducible abdominal compression. For infection control purposes, the belt is easy to wipe clean or can be immersed in soapy water. Additionally, this product is MR-safe up to 3T.

Encompass SRS Immobilisation System


Designed for precisely targeted brain, head and neck treatments, the Encompass™ SRS Immobilisation System is a highly advanced non-invasive solution that enables sub-milimeter accuracy. The open view mask helps to reduce patient anxiety and is compatible with optical tracking systems. The optional IntegraBite further decreases head and neck rotation, flexion and extension.

SBRT Bridges

We offer compatible compression bridges for DoseMax and Alta devices for stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments, offering workflow efficiencies and eliminating the need for additional devices. The low-profile bridges are available in two sizes with adjustable heights, making it easier to fit into most bore sizes, and feature horizontal and vertical scales for easy laser alignment.

SBRT Compression Bridges & Paddle

SBRT Compression Paddles

Designed to be used in conjunction with the SBRT bridges, our abdominal compression paddles are available in two sizes to offer compatibility with a wide variety of scanners. The low-profile compression paddle is ideal when scanning in MR and bore space is limited. The compression paddles are contoured for patient comfort and feature a quick release button for speed should this be required.

ArmShuttle Elite & VacQfix Cushion

ArmShuttle Elite

The ArmShuttle Elite can be used with the Access Supine Breast Board or on its own, using a Two-Pin locating bar. It features multiple indexing options for increased head and arm positioning flexibility. It is both CT and MR compatible and can be used alongside Vac-Q-Fix™ cushions to enhance reproducibility.

Alta Multipurpose Device

The Alta™ Multipurpose Device is an all-in-one solution designed to improve workflows and facilitate device consolidation for patient position in radiotherapy. The low electron generating properties of the Alta Multipurpose Device make it the ideal solution for a range of radiotherapy indications from palliative treatment to stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).

Alta SBRT set up

See you there!

It’s set to be a fantastic couple of days in Sheffield as the event gets underway. If you're attending the event, do come and say hello; our team will be happy to answer any questions and discuss your specific needs.


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