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OPASCA enters partnership with Oncology Imaging Systems

OPASCA GmbH, a leading company for innovative safety and patient management solutions in radiotherapy, has entered into a partnership with Oncology Imaging Systems Limited (OIS), a leading distributor in the British and Irish markets.

More safety in radiotherapy

As part of the exclusive distribution agreement, OIS will market, sell and support both the OPASCA Workflow Management Suite and the OPASCA Safety Suite in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The OPASCA Workflow Management Suite ensures that all radiotherapy processes are interlinked and run more efficiently; the OPASCA Safety Suite equips treatment rooms with advanced safety automation features that help to significantly reduce radiation-related incidents.

"The radiotherapy market in the UK and Ireland is constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of the population. A lot of work is being done to improve the capacity and utilisation of equipment and technical services to increase patient safety," said Dr. Alexej Swerdlow, CEO of OPASCA GmbH.

The cooperation between OPASCA and OIS supports hospitals in making optimum use of equipment, reducing additional organisational and administrative work, increasing the level of safety and creating a positive treatment experience for patients. "We want to offer our expertise gained in the “DACH” region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) to international institutions in order to increase efficiency and safety for patients and staff there as well," Swerdlow continued.

Rapid Call RT: intelligent onboarding and automatic patient call

The new RapidCall RT solution from OPASCA, which is part of the OPASCA Workflow Management Suite, is also interesting for the British and Irish market. The intelligent system allows contact-free and non-contact onboarding of patients and automated patient call - for a safe and efficient clinical day. Patients log in at the check-in terminal with their patient pass. They are called up in compliance with data protection regulations via an information display in the waiting area with an optical and acoustic signal. The display is controlled by staff via a management terminal.

RapidCall RT allows personal contact to be minimised and physical distance to be maintained in order to prevent infections without affecting treatment procedures. The increased transparency allows targeted control of patient flows and the optimisation of procedures.

“OIS is very excited to be partnering with OPASCA to bring this pioneering technology to the UK market. The comprehensive portfolio of modular and integrated solutions will revolutionise the modern radiotherapy department as we know it. OPASCA enables significant workflow monitoring and optimisation opportunities, all whilst ensuring that patient experience and safety is at the forefront – which aligns with our patient-first philosophy”, adds Mike Holroyd, Sales Manager of OIS. “We believe this is a huge step forward for patients and staff alike.”


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