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Qfix® releases kVue™ ONE modular couch top

Qfix introduces the kVue™ One Couch Top for external beam radiotherapy. Its rail-less design provides uniform attenuation. The kVue One Couch Top is compatible with all currently available kVue Inserts. Accompanying this release is the new kVue Low-e Insert, which features low electron generating technology. It has a water equivalent thickness (WET) of approximately 3.5 mm while maintaining a homogeneous attenuation profile for predictable dose delivery.

“This new rail-less couch top with Low-e Insert provides an enhanced imaging and treatment platform,” said Dave Rabeno, Strategic Director of Research & Development. “The lower weight of the kVue One increases the safe working load, which makes it ideal for linear accelerators with 6 degrees of freedom couches.”

kVue™ ONE shown with kVue™ Low-e™ Insert

The kVue One and kVue Low-e Insert are available from Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd, Qfix' exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland.

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