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NeoMedLight develops innovative medical devices targeted at a better delivery of phototherapy. The company benefits from a novel, unique and proprietary technology allowing the emission of light through woven optic fibers.

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Safe PBM study

Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of photobiomodulation for the treatment of mucositis and dermatitis. NeoMedLight has developed CareMin650™, a medical device to prevent and treat these side effects.

To assess the safety of the device and to provide information on the effectiveness, the “Safe PBM” study was conducted in France.

Revolutionising the Treatment of Oral Mucositis and Radiation Dermatitis


The CareMin650 device is a groundbreaking phototherapy system to revolutionise the treatment of oral mucositis and radiation dermatitis. This breakthrough device dramatically simplifies the delivery of photobiomodulation therapy, which is comfortably applied through the patented luminous fabric.


CareMin650™ Oral Pads

Oral Pads offer a treatment surface of 25 cm² (1 active pad) or 50 cm² (2 active pads) and are intended for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis.  


CareMin650™ Derma Pad

The flexible Derma Pad has a treatment surface of 75 cm² and is effective in the prevention and treatment of radiation dermatitis. 

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