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OPASCA Safety Suite

The OPASCA Safety and Wellbeing Suite offers a range of safety mechanisms to support your clinical routines as well as providing a positive environment to aid patient and staff wellbeing.

Individual mo­du­les such as audio-visual room monitoring, radiation detection or video-based patient and setup validation can be combined to form an integrated safety system that protects everyone involved in the process, all while optimising your workflow. 

Audio-visual monitoring

Direct communication between staff and patients, with software and hardware specifically developed for the conditions of radiation.

Personal safety

Video-based room analysis provides continuous monitoring of the treatment room in real time and detects persons or objects in the treatment room that do not belong there.

Patient validation

The active validation of the patient by facial recognition offers a reliable way to automatically verify the patient’s identity.

Radiation detection

Personal protection through reliable in-situ measurement of the current radiation in compliance with legal requirements.


Patient individual settings of music and room light ensure a pleasant treatment atmosphere.


Audio-visual connection to familiar persons outside the treatment room. Reduces stress and facilitates communication with children and foreign-language patients.

Gating feedback

Simple feedback with respiratory-assisted treatment techniques by changing the colour of the room light.

Setup validation

Video-based validation of immobilisation device setup increases safety and improves efficiency.

OPASCA’s Audio Visual Monitoring offers uninterrupted communication between staff and patients. The software and hardware are specifically developed for the harsh con­ditions of radiation, providing high-resolution real-time images thanks to durable, wide angle cameras. The reliable intercom filters out background noise, while the radiation-resistant camera system offers up to 30x zoom capability. The system is operated by an intuitive touch screen control unit.


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OPASCA Audio Visual Monitoring


Based on video-supported room analysis, the OPASCA Personal Safety solution guarantees max­i­mum pro­tection against unintentional irradiation. The software displays a warning when it detects there are persons or ob­jects in the treatment room that do not belong there. The final release and confirmation remains with the personnel.


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OPASCA Personal Safety


OPASCA Patient Validation records the in­di­vid­u­al biometric facial features of the pa­tient. For follow-up ap­point­ments, the software com­pares the match of the current patient with the loaded patient data. Release or feedback on dis­cre­pan­cies is sent directly to the staff at the console.


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Patient Validation


OPASCA Radiation Detection provides reliable feedback on potentially hazardous radiation doses in the treatment room. If a local dose above the threshold is measured, access must first be granted manually by the personnel. The continuous storage of all measurements enables weekly, monthly or annual evaluations.


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OPASCA Radiation Detection


OPASCA Ambience allows patients to select individual music, image and light settings for their treatment. The system offers preset thematic scenarios for sound, light and image output and the option to choose from royalty free songs or connect personal mobile devices. The positive at­mos­phere has a calming effect and helps patients to feel safe and secure. 


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Ambience


OPASCA Face-to-face provides effective communication through a bidirectional live video stream. Staff, pa­rents, interpreters, partners or friends can offer instructions and support to calm and aid the patient via a mo­bile com­mu­ni­ca­tion unit outside the treat­ment room. Visual contact is highly effective when communicating with paediatric patients, potentially removing the need for anaesthesia. 


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Face-to-face


The active involvement of patients is par­ti­cu­larly important in respiratory-assisted treatments in order to protect healthy sur­roun­ding tissue. OPASCA Gating Feed­back pro­vides intuitive, understandable feed­back on the pa­tient’s respiratory be­ha­viour via changes in the room light colour. The system utilises the same hardware as OPASCA Ambience, and can be easily integrated with numerous respiratory tracking systems. 


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Gating Feed­back


OPASCA Setup Validation provides staff with easy-to-understand guidance on the po­si­tioning of immobilisation devices. The system detects whether the type, position and patient-specific configuration are correctly set. Visual feedback on necessary adjustments is displayed on monitors in the treatment room. Treatment is only possible when the positioning corresponds to the last con­fi­gu­ra­tion stored for the patient.


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
OPASCA Setup Validation



OPASCA Safety & Wellbeing Brochure

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