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Delta4 Phantom+ MR

Fully Compatible with all MR-linacs

The Delta4 Phantom+ MR is adapted to be fully compatible with existing MR-linacs. The electronics are mounted on the trolley separate from the phantom, and can be detached as needed.

The Delta4 Phantom+ MR is the only system that truly measures dose distribution in the isocentric region. You can thereby instantly approve plans and know that the delivered dose is delivered in the target and the OAR's.

The Delta4 Phantom+ MR offers:

  • Measurements where it matters - detectors in the target region

  • Instant pass/fail analysis - delivered dose is instantly compared with planned dose and compared against pass/fail criteria

  • Fast set-up - easy to move from trolley to couch with no lifting required

  • Easy alignment with clear markings to position the phantom

  • Stable p-type detectors eliminates re-calibration

  • Ion chamber measurements can also be performed in the phantom

for Viewray MRidian or Elekta Unity 


  • PMMA measuring  phantom with insert for ion chamber 

  • 3D detector arrays with 1069 detectors

  • Delta4 Phantom+ MR compatible Trolley

  • Delta4 Basic software for acquisition of data and analysing functions:

  • Dose, dose deviation, distance to agreement and gamma index

  • Main functionality for rotation therapy QA 

  • Calculation of full 3D volume dose distribution and deviation.

  • Display of distribution and deviation in sagittal, coronal and transversal planes.

  • Calculation of  Dose Volume Histograms (DVH) for patient structures. The calculation is based on TPS- or beam-data.

  • For use with ViewRay MRidian or Elekta Unity systems

  • Can also be used on standard linacs


Thumb_RT-4543C Arm Shuttle.jpg
Delta4 Phantom+ MR compatible package



Delta4 Phantom+ Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us

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