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Surface Guided Radiotherapy

Surface Guided Radiotherapy Treatment (SGRT) is a technique that uses stereovision technology to track patients’ surfaces in 3D for both setup and motion management during radiotherapy. Radiographers can use it to support radiotherapy treatment to the breast, brain, head, neck, sarcoma and other sites.

SGRT uses a sophisticated 3D camera to track the patient’s surface movement during treatment. The skin surface position is captured during the planning stages of a patient’s treatment using the reflected pattern of the infrared light. This image is then used as a reference to compare the patient’s position before and during the treatment delivery. Constant monitoring of the patient’s surface movement can help to detect and reduce intra-fraction patient motion. As a result, SGRT offers the possibility to reduce the risk of side effects and minimise dose to vital organs during treatment.

Head and Neck Patients

Over several years, studies have evaluated the viability of using open-faced masks as an immobilisation technique to treat intracranial and head and neck cancers.

Through a number of trials, it has been found that open-face thermoplastic masks can efficiently assist in the positioning and motion management during Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT). In fact, sufficient visible facial area is often a requirement for optical surface tracking systems to work effectively.

Benefits of Open-Mask Treatment

There are many benefits of implementing open-mask treatment to patients. Thermoplastic masks provide crucial immobilisation for patients undergoing radiotherapy of the head and neck, but there’s no doubt some patients find the experience daunting. With an open faced mask, the patient is able to see and communicate with the therapist during treatment, allowing them to feel less claustrophobic.

Although the mask fits tightly, it should not be uncomfortable for the wearer. But most importantly, the patient can continue to breathe normally throughout the procedure, creating a less isolating and daunting experience overall.

SGRT Compatible Thermoplastic Masks

Here at Oncology Imaging Systems, we offer a variety of open-faced thermoplastic masks compatible with Surface Guided Radiotherapy Treatment (SGRT).

Our Assure™ Open View Masks perfectly balance rigid fixation and patient comfort. The open face mask reduces patient anxiety and allows for intra-fraction positioning verification utilising optical tracking systems. Our superior thermoplastic, Fibreplast, incorporates high strength Kevlar®, ensuring the quality of immobilisation is not compromised.

Suitable for our Portrait, Base of Skull and Pentafix devices and other third party systems, we offer a range of S-frame, U-frame, BoS, and 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-Point open face masks in Aquaplast RT™ and Fibreplast® materials.

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