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Qfix and Civco RT unveil CQ Medical, a new chapter for the two legacy companies

Following the merger of Qfix and Civco Radiotherapy earlier this year, two prominent companies specialising in patient radiotherapy positioning and healthcare innovation, the company have officially unveiled their unified identity as CQ Medical.

The announcement came at ASTRO 2023

The announcement of the new name, a defining moment to mark the next chapter for the company, took place during the prestigious ASTRO 2023 Annual Meeting in San Diego at the beginning of October. This event brought together industry experts for four days of invaluable insights at the world’s premier radiation oncology gathering.

The company’s rebranding introduces a fresh visual identity and a renewed voice, while their commitment to delivering market-leading products, services and resources, rooted in their core values, remains untouched.

CQ Medical at Astro 2023 - Photo Credit: CQ Medical

The meaning behind CQ Medical

IQ + EQ = CQ

Ahead of the announcement, Mike Sutter, Chief Executive Officer at CQ Medical, revealed: “[The new name] is born from our Care Quotient philosophy, and represents our core reason for existence: To combine intelligence and empathy in creating positioning innovations that advance human care.”

The company’s entire spectrum of operations, from business strategies to product development, is guided by the Care Quotient (CQ) Philosophy principles. It was only natural that this foundational ethos found its place within the heart of the company’s new name.

“Today, we bring together the best of the best to create something even better. CQ Medical is the new global leader in patient positioning and care,” explained Mike Sutter.

Photo Credit: CQ Medical

Available from Oncology Imaging Systems

As the distributor of CQ Medical products across the UK and Ireland, Oncology Imaging Systems are proud to support the company in its next chapter as it delivers its mission to Care Smarter.

For more information about CQ Medical’s innovative products, please get in touch with Team OIS. We are here to address any inquiries you may have and provide unwavering support in helping you unlock the full potential of CQ Medical’s leading solutions.

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