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OIS reviews environmental objectives and adjusts targets

As a company, Oncology Imaging Systems Ltd recognises the importance of environmental protection, and we’re committed to operating our business responsibly and in a way which positively impacts the environment, workplace and the communities in which we serve.

Over recent months, we have taken the opportunity to reflect on our target to become a certified Carbon Neutral business by the end of 2022. Whilst Carbon Neutral schemes offset emissions, we’re determined that, at Oncology Imaging Systems, we want to take quantifiable steps to reduce our carbon emissions.

Our new objectives

Aligning with the NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap and the Evergreen NHS Sustainable Supplier Assessment, we have developed new objectives that we’re committed to achieving. This approach builds on UK Government procurement policy (PPN 06/20 and PPN 06/21).

Our new objectives are as follows:

  • Improve carbon literacy within the organisation

  • Calculate and report our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

  • Develop, publish, and implement a carbon reduction strategy

  • Reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

Advanced Carbon Footprinting (GHG accounting) Training

Over two days in September, three Oncology Imaging Systems team members attended the Northumbria University approved Advanced Carbon Footprinting (GHG accounting), Carbon Management and Carbon Reporting training course. The training included an IEMA Accredited Climate Change session, exploring the climate crisis, the latest climate science and why we face a climate emergency. The second part of the course focused on carbon reporting methodology, target setting and reduction planning in line with a range of recognised standards and initiatives.

The content has motivated us to accelerate our work towards our new objectives and allows us to start making improvements from a position of knowledge and understanding about climate change and carbon footprinting.

SmartCarbon™ Level 1 Achievement

Following the successful completion of our training and our Net Zero pledge, we’ve received our SmartCarbon™ Level 1: Committed logo. We plan to use the SmartCarbon™ platform to calculate and report our carbon emissions. The initial benchmark reporting will help to inform our reduction strategy from which we can start to make improvements and progress towards our targets.

This review and adjustments are a significant step forward for OIS and one to which we're incredibly proud to have contributed. We hope to continue progressing and striving toward our short-term and long-term environmental targets over the coming weeks and months.

"We recognise and acknowledge our moral responsibility to respond to the climate emergency," commented Jess Fuller, Business Manager. "Our investment in carbon reporting, training and reduction reflects our long-term commitment to our employees, customers and industry. I hope we can use our platform to engage meaningful stakeholder conversations about climate risk, opportunity and action."

Our updated sustainability plan, which incorporates the changes we have discussed in this blog post, can be viewed on our website here.


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