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Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital upgrades to RapidHeat™ Oven, supplied by OIS

In January 2021, the Mould Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham took delivery of the RapidHeat Oven. The oven was purchased to replace the existing waterbath which had been used successfully, for many years. The RapidHeat™ Oven is designed to quickly reach working temperatures for heating Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast thermoplastics, reducing the overall mask making time.

Mr. Jason Bode, Chief Technologist and Mould Room Manager, at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, reviews from his staff’s perspective: “All in all, the transition from the waterbath to the RapidHeat Oven has been smooth and seamless. The patient tolerates this technique better and we find it is less traumatic for an already nervous patient.” Mr Bode says initial response from staff was a significant improvement when it came down to the handling and pre-stretch experience. “The material was dry and seemingly cooler to the touch when draping and moulding onto the patient. Working time for the thermoplastic also improved, meaning that there was no rush to shape and mould the mask when placed over the head and neck. The autonomy relieves staff to concentrate on the patient, knowing the mask will be consistent in quality.”

The feedback for the RapidHeat Oven has been positive from the patient’s perspective too. One patient commented, “That was actually quite relaxing, it felt like a warm cloth was being placed on my face”. Mr Bode explains that overall, patients find the experience more comfortable than other methods as the mask is not wet.

The RapidHeat Oven's unique design allows the hot oven air to envelop the thermoplastic mask, so it softens quickly and evenly. The time can be set accordingly for different masks and Aquaplast RT™ Custom Bolus™. Indicators easily preheat the oven while prepping the patient and the digital display includes a timer that counts down from the designated time, alerting staff when it is ready.

Learn more about the oven here:


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