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A Week in the Life of a Technical Support Manager at OIS

Josh Imber joined the team at Oncology Imaging Systems in 2013. Following his promotion to the position of Technical Support Manager last year, he recently celebrated his eleventh work anniversary.

In this blog post, we delve deeper into Josh's typical week as a Technical Support Manager. We'll explore the variety of tasks he handles within the OIS office and during his onsite customer visits.

Monday: A Fresh Start

Josh's week kicks off in the heart of the OIS office, where Monday mornings are all about setting the tone for the week ahead. This time is dedicated to updating, following up on, and reviewing support cases, ensuring that customer concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. After that, he finalises plans for the week, taking into account scheduled visits and urgent call-outs. No two weeks are the same, and Josh is an expert at adapting his schedule to meet changing customer needs.

Josh is often joined by his much-loved labrador, Kyra, on Mondays. Much to the amusement of everyone in the office, Kyra always lets us know when the lunch truck is due to arrive.

Throughout the day, Josh works closely with the service team to review project statuses, ongoing visits, and the latest updates on installation plans. He often attends project meetings with customers and partners to discuss plans for upcoming laser installations. Together, the team ensure that every project is on track and every customer receives the attention they deserve. With his positive attitude and dedication to customer service, Josh always manages to get the week off to a great start!

Tuesday: Dad-Daughter Day

Josh works a flexible week, fitting his full-time role into four days, which means Tuesday is a day off work for his much-cherished Dad-Daughter Day. Stepping away from the office, he dedicates this precious time to bonding with his daughter, Margot. Ballet classes are just one of the activities they routinely enjoy together, and a reminder of what truly matters amidst the hustle and bustle of work life.

Midweek Adventures: Visiting clients on site 

As the week progresses, Josh ventures beyond the office to carry out on-site visits and perform a variety of tasks for the service team. His responsibilities range from calibrating laser systems to diagnosing faults and performing necessary repairs. Armed with expertise and a passion for service excellence, Josh ensures that every system is operating at its peak performance.

Josh provides valuable support to the sales team through engaging product demonstrations and insightful training sessions. Whether he is installing equipment or helping customers with their queries, Josh's dedication to delivering exceptional service is evident in every interaction he has.

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