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Evolve Breastboard
Evolve Breastboard



The new Evolve Breastboard takes a modular approach to breast and thorax positioning. Many hand grips, headrests, Vac-Lok™ and thermoplastic options easily integrate to maximize positioning options based on patient or clinical need. The innovative GlideTrack allows quick and simple indexing of many Wing Boards™ to accommodate patients of varied torso lengths.


Delta4 Insight



Delta4 Insight is an independent secondary 3D dose calculation software that utilises a proprietary Monte Carlo dose engine.

Delta4 Insight is seamlessly integrated with the Delta4 software, meaning it runs on the same user-friendly software platform as the entire Delta4 Family of products. 





CareMin650 is a groundbreaking phototherapy system aimed at revolutionising the treatment of oral mucositis and radiation dermatitis.

Designed to ease implementation and accessibility of treatment, CareMin650™ provides a cost-effective and patient-friendly phototherapy solution that is easily integrated into therapeutic practice. 


AirDrive Caddie



AirDrive Caddie™ provides optimum transfer performance in a small package. It can be used with most commercially available trolleys and stretchers.


AirDrive Caddie.png

RT-SPOT is a flexible line that contours easily into desired shapes and stays in place without lifting. Ideal for marking field borders, tangents, scars, sarcomas and larger treatment areas.

It is the only skin marker for CT simulation that is elevated from the skin line and helps to exclude the marker from the automatic body contour.


Alta Multipurpose Solution



The Alta™ Multipurpose Solution provides versatility and convenience without compromising on quality or capability. This new, homogeneous immobilisation platform is clear and free of any objects in the spine area with no structures that can interfere with desired treatment beam paths. The low attenuation properties of the Alta™ Multipurpose Device make it the ideal solution for a range of radiotherapy procedures from palliative treatment to stereotactic body radiation therapy.


FlexLock Knee & Foot Supports



The sophisticated functionality of the FlexLock™ Knee and Foot Supports provides customisable indexing options for positioning the lower abdomen, pelvis, and lower extremities.


The FlexLock™ Knee Support features integrated height adjustability so that only one device is required for a variety of patients. 


StructSure, AI QA


AI / deep learning autosegmentation technologies are emerging and promising. Widespread implementation is imminent. Verifying the accuracy of autosegmentation in an objective and rigorous manner is paramount.

StructSure Software is the tool to give you confidence moving forward in the age of AI autosegmentation.


Integrated Shim1.jpg
Integrated Shim System



Integrated Shim allows for easy adjustments to the thermoplastic mask by tightening or loosening the mask at each pin point independently. The clinician can tighten or loosen the mask without removing the mask from the patient, increasing work flow efficiencies and patient comfort. 


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