Tilt-Pro Tilting Base  


The Tilt-Pro Tilting Base allows precise angling of the head in both prone and supine treatments to avoid critical structures. Indexable channel arms allow adjustments from 0 to 30 degrees, in 5-degree increments. The Tilt-Pro Tilting Base uses traditional or Slimline disposable U-Frames, Silverman Head Supports, and MOLDCARE® Head Cushions.  


The Tilt-Pro adapts easily to most treatment couch tops, simulator and CT tables. It is designed for one-step molding, positioning, and indexing of Aquaplast RT™ and Fibreplast™ U-Frame masks.





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Tilt-Pro™ Tilting Base





The Tilt-Pro Base’s carbon fibre top plate (the ProBoard) is available by itself for standard flat treatments.

Prone CSA Kit



This device greatly simplifies the molding of prone masks. The kit includes everything needed to use your Tilt-Pro Base for Prone Cranial Spinal Axis (CSA) treatment, including a molding fixture (for forming the prone mask), prone mask foam (to cushion the prone mask), and Double-High Nylon Swivel Locks (for securing two masks at once).

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