The future of Patient Transport

The revolutionary Symphony™ Patient Transport System offers enhanced and simplified patient transport and transfer between various imaging and treatment modalities. The system has been proven to help clinicians reduce their workflow times and requires less staff to transport and transition patients. It is designed to seamlessly setup and position, transport and treat all on the same device with limited disruption and movement of the patient. Symphony maximises workflow efficiencies for a variety of treatment and imaging applications, including both CT and MR.


Symphony™ Patient Trolley


The Symphony™ trolley offers the ergonomic design and durability to seamlessly transport a patient when used in combination with Symphony™ transfer devices. It offers height adjustability and swinging rails, along with safety features designed with the patient in mind.

  • CT and MR compatible for a variety of treatment applications

  • Designed for external beam radiation therapy with electrons, photons and protons, as well as brachytherapy

  • Adjustable and programmable trolley heights to match imaging and treatment tables

  • Intuitive user interface, steering and braking system

  • Ergonomic trolley handles allow system to be easily manoeuvred through hallways and doorways

  • Battery powered system for continuous use during a typical treatment day, rechargeable at 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz

  • Lateral scales enable repeatable indexing for a wide variety of positioning accessories

  • Fits through standard doorways

Symphony™ Transfer Devices


Transfer Devices offer a low-profile surface with a low friction air bearing on the underside to seamlessly transfer a patient from one modality to another. It can sit atop the Symphony™ trolley as well as various modalities including imaging and treatment surfaces. All Symphony™ Transfer Devices are compatible with CT and MR imaging. 





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Symphony™ Standard Package

The Symphony™ Standard Package includes:

  • Symphony™ Patient Trolley

  • Symphony™ Standard Transfer Device

  • Symphony™ Transfer Handles (2)

  • Symphony™ Locating Bars (2)

  • Symphony™ Standard Air Bearing Kit

Symphony™ BoS™ Head and Neck Proton Package

The Symphony™ BoS™ Head and Neck Proton Package includes:

  • Symphony™ Patient Trolley

  • Symphony™ BoS™ Transfer Device

  • Symphony™ Transfer Handles (2)

  • Symphony™ Locating Bars (2)

  • Symphony™ BoS™ Air Bearing Kit

Symphony™ Portrait™ Head and Neck Package

The Symphony™ Portrait™ Head and Neck Package includes:

  • Symphony™ Patient Trolley

  • Symphony™ Portrait™ Transfer Device

  • Symphony™ Transfer Handles (2)

  • Symphony™ Locating Bars (2)

  • Symphony™ Portrait™ Air Bearing Kit

Symphony™ Brachytherapy Package

The Symphony™ Brachytherapy Package Includes:

  • Symphony™ Patient Trolley

  • Symphony™ Brachytherapy Transfer Device with Leg Extension (Standard or Short)

  • Symphony™ Brachytherapy Transfer Handles (2)

  • Symphony™ IV Pole

  • Transfer Device Hose Kit, 3m

  • Symphony™ Brachytherapy Air Bearing Kit

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