Complete solution for Hypofractionated Non-Coplanar Treatment


The Stradivarius™ SBRT system is a complete solution for hypofractionated non-coplanar treatment. The hour glass design allows for unobstructed treatment paths. The Stradivarius is available as a standalone overlay or kVue™ insert. 













kVue Stradivarius™ SBRT Insert

The kVue™ Stradivarius™ SBRT insert is optimized for use with the kVue Couch Top. As a kVue Insert the Stradivarius is the couch top surface and the treatment device, thus significantly reducing secondary electron generation from treatment fields that would pass through the couch top surface. 


Order code: RT-4558KV1

Stradivarius™ Overlay

The Stradivarius™ Overlay is used on top of existing treatment and CT couch tops. It forms a base to mount SBRT bridges and compression paddles.


Order code: RT-4558-1

Stradivarius™ MRI Overlay

The Stradivarius™ MRI Overlay is constructed from MR compatible materials and can be used on top of any couchtop that uses Two-Pin locating bars. 


Order code: RT-4558MRI

Stradivarius™ Adjustable Height Bridges

Our bridges come in two sizes, 38 cm and 48 cm, and are completely adjustable in height. They have an easy single motion lever. They have both a horizontal and vertical scale to align easily with lasers. Their construction is completely MRI compatible.


Order code: RT-4558KV2 (Small bridge; min: 28cm, max: 38cm)

Order code: RT-4558KV3 (Large bridge; min: 38cm, max: 48cm)

Abdominal Compression Paddle

The abdominal compression paddle is designed to reduce thoracic movement and is fully adjustable. In order to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of CT bores, the compression paddle is available in two sizes. 


Order code: RT-4558KV4 (Stradivarius compression paddle, extended length)

Order code: RT-4558KV4-01 (Stradivarius compression paddle, low profile)

Whole body Vac-Q-Fix Cushion

A 230 cm long whole body Vac-Q-Fix™ Cushion that is flared on one end for arm immobilisation. 


Order code: RT-4517-230120T80F90

Thigh Compression Vac-Q-Fix Cushion

Our Thigh Compression Vac-Q-Fix cushion, when combined with our Leg Roll, provides complete leg immobilisation. 


Order code: RT-4517-4090VF15

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Stradivarius for SBRT





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