Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom


Standard configuration of the Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom includes the Film Dosimetry and Ion Chamber Measurement slabs.

SRS Dosimetric QA Slab


The optional SRS Dosimetric QA Slab provides complex geometric targets to evaluate the imaging components of your treatment planning system. Five CT densities are available for a QA check of the CT density model.

SDVP Heterogeneity Insert


The optional SDVP Heterogeneity insert consists of two 5cm slabs, and a 2 cm chamber slab, both made of lung equivalent material.  The lung-equivalent assembly is placed between the Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom Blue Water Slabs. The Heterogeneity Insert Plug with gold fiducial markers is designed to simulate a small tumor within the lung-equivalent material.

Exradin W1 Scintillator


Use the Exradin W1 Scintillator or other detector to perform small field tests in a highly heterogeneous environment.  Included Extension Posts provide seamless integration with the Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom for Monte Carlo dose verification.  

Blue Water


  • Blue Water is also available in nine standard thicknesses for additional build-up

  • Custom phantom sizes and shapes are available upon request

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Ion chamber and film dose measurements in a water-equivalent phantom designed specifically for stereotactic radiosurgery


The Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom provides dose measurements for commissioning treatment systems, such as Accuray CyberKnife®, and specific plan dose verification. With just one phantom, use film, ion chambers and the unique SRS Dosimetric QA Slab to perform fast and accurate system evaluation.



Convenient Design

The standard phantom is 20 x 20 x 10 cm in size, comprised of two 4 cm top and bottom build-up slabs, and two interchangeable 2 cm test inserts in the center. Optional inserts include the SRS Dosimetric QA Slab and SDVP Heterogeneity insert. Rigid alignment posts ensure phantom configurations are precisely repositioned, and thumb or
flat-head screws secure the phantom together for repeatable results. The Stereotactic Dose Verification Phantom is constructed of Blue Water material and additional slabs are available in many thicknesses for increased build-up


Built With Precision


Laser alignment lines are provided to accurately position the phantom for CT scans and for treatment. Gold and lead fiducial markers are located throughout the phantom for additional orientation and positioning accuracy. Distance measurements within the CT scanning and TPS can be verified with confidence.





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Stereotactic Dose

Verification Phantom 


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