Convenient, efficient instruments that facilitate Brachytherapy seed handling; from sorting, transporting, sterilizing, and storage. 



The Seed Slider is specifically designed to be the most efficient instrument for loading seeds and spacers into prostate 
implant needles. Clinicians align the seeds and spacers into a slot per treatment prescription and encapsulate the seeds and spacers using a cover. The needles lock onto one side of the Seed Slider with a Luer-Lok® and a needle stylet is inserted to smoothly push the seeds and spacers into the treatment needle. The Seed Slider when used with the Seed Sterilization and Sorting Tray can be sterilized together saving time and effort.

Seed Slider

Ref 90090


The most efficient instrument for loading seeds and spacers into prostate implant needles.


  • Align seeds and spacers into a slot per treatment prescription and encapsulate the seeds and spacers using a cover.

  • Needles lock onto the Seed Slider and a needle stylet is inserted to smoothly push the seeds and spacers into the treatment needle.

Seed Sterilzation & Sorting Tray

Ref 90085


The Seed Sterilization and Sorting Tray allow clinicians to sort seeds into ten separate wells according to source strength. Each well is stamped with a number for identification and can easily hold 10 to 20 seeds.


  • Before and after seed sterilization the loading cover is locked down over the wells to shield clinicians from radiation.

  • During use, seeds from only that well are exposed while being loaded into the treatment system.

  • One typical drying cycle completely dries the seeds before the tray is removed from the autoclave

  • Optional Shielding Cover (Ref 72012) locks in place to secure seeds in wells and helps prevent spilled seeds during transport

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