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A comprehensive selection of instruments for prostate implant programmes. 

Needle Loading Platform

Ref 90072


  • Provides a convenient work station for loading, counting and handling seeds.

  • Ergonomic design brings work up to a comfortable, seated level.

Needle Loading Shield

Ref 90070


The Needle Loading Shield protects clinicians from radiation exposure while loading prostate implant needles with iodine or palladium seeds.


  • 22 HVL of protection for iodine seeds.

  • For 100 iodine seeds at 0.4 mCi, exposure behind the glass is reduced to 6.4 x 10-15 R/h.

  • For 100 iodine seeds at 1.0 mCi, exposure behind the glass is reduced to 1.6 x 10-14 R/h.


Ref 90091


SeedVac™ is a vacuum driven instrument designed for loading prostate implant needles.


  • The prescribed sequence of seeds and spacers is visually verified in the tube tip before being placed into the needle.

  • Brass shield protects hand from radiation during the loading procedure.

  • Components can be steam sterilized between each use.

Seed Alignment Tray

Ref 90089


The Seed Alignment Tray is used with the SeedVac™ to load LDR brachytherapy needles and reduce radiation exposure to clinicians. The tray can be used alone or fitted to the Seed Sterilization and Sorting Tray.

Needle Cradle

Ref 90095


Secure, Shielded Storage for Prostate Implant Needles


  • Eleven rows and thirteen columns for holding loaded low dose rate prostate implant needles.

  • Light-weight, stainless steel needle guard shields clinicians from radiation exposure and prevents bumping of needle stylets.

Seed Sensor

Ref 90095


The Seed Sensor™ is ideal for detecting loose seeds in needle loading work areas. A directional detecting area mimicks a flashlight, which helps quickly identify the position of a lost seed on a table or in a room.

Lead Seed Pouch Kit

Ref 90080


The Protective Lead Seed Pouch Kit is a simple yet effective way to address seed handling issues and patient concerns following LDR brachytherapy treatment. The kit provides supplies for radioactive seed collection, a plastic vial and a 0.2 mm lead equivalent lined pouch for transporting.

Seed Sterilization Pillbox

Ref 90086


The Seed Sterilization Pill Box is helps sterilize a large number of iodine or palladium seeds at one time. Solid construction assures stability and maximum shielding during handling. Rounded corners keep seeds positioned for easy removal.

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Seed Handling & Needle Loading Instruments


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