Locating Bars
For indexing and positioning immobilisation devices and accessories
RapidHeat™ Oven
The RapidHeat™ Oven is designed to quickly reach working temperatures for heating Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast thermoplastics.
Pre-cut adhesive covers create watertight seal, stay in place for up to 4 weeks. Less irritating to skin than other methods.
CT-SPOT® Skin Markers
Unique non-metallic pellets, crosshair and line image brightly under CT simulation without streaking or artifact.
Our stainless steel Aquapan™ waterbaths are perfect for heating Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast thermoplastics.
Metallic Skin Markers
Metallic pellets, lines and arrows designed for use in conventional simulation and port films.
VacQfix Cushions
Vac-Q-Fix™ cushions are custom formed for patient comfort and positioning accuracy, becoming rigid when vacuum is applied.
SofTouch Couch Pad
SofTouch™ Couch Top Pads provide comfort and support for patients during a variety of radiotherapy treatments
Gel Bolus
Flexible, tissue equivalent build-up material designed to increase the surface dose.
Aquaplast Custom Bolus
Ideal for hard-to-bolus areas such as: chest wall, nose, parotid, groin, ears and any irregularly surfaced anatomical feature.
Storage Accessories
Ideal ways to store your immobilisation devices
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