Locating Bars
For indexing and positioning immobilisation devices and accessories
Pre-cut adhesive covers create watertight seal, stay in place for up to 4 weeks. Less irritating to skin than other methods.
RapidHeat™ Oven
The RapidHeat™ Oven is designed to quickly reach working temperatures for heating Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast thermoplastics.
Our stainless steel Aquapan™ waterbaths are perfect for heating Aquaplast RT and Fibreplast thermoplastics.
CT-SPOT® Skin Markers
Unique non-metallic pellets, crosshair and line image brightly under CT simulation without streaking or artifact.
VacQfix Cushions
Vac-Q-Fix™ cushions are custom formed for patient comfort and positioning accuracy, becoming rigid when vacuum is applied.
Metallic Skin Markers
Metallic pellets, lines and arrows designed for use in conventional simulation and port films.
SofTouch Couch Pad
SofTouch™ Couch Top Pads provide comfort and support for patients during a variety of radiotherapy treatments
Gel Bolus
Flexible, tissue equivalent build-up material designed to increase the surface dose.
Aquaplast Custom Bolus
Ideal for hard-to-bolus areas such as: chest wall, nose, parotid, groin, ears and any irregularly surfaced anatomical feature.
Storage Accessories
Ideal ways to store your immobilisation devices
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