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Qfix provides state-of-the-art patient positioning and immobilisation devices to optimise patient outcomes. Known for their superior thermoplastics and revolutionary positioning devices, Qfix specialises in immobilisation products that offer a unique combination of rigidity and ultra-low attenuation.

OIS are proud to have worked in partnership with Qfix since 2004. The OIS team has built a fantastic relationship with Qfix, working closely on development and innovation.

Better Together

Following the news that CIVCO Radiotherapy and Qfix have joined forces, we're proud to announce that OIS has been appointed exclusive distributor for the newly combined company in the UK & Ireland. 

Superior thermoplastics


Qfix have manufactured their own thermoplastics for over 40 years. This guarantees the highest levels of process control, ensuring that customers receive the most reliable products.


Aquaplast RT™

Aquaplast RT is the most recognised brand of low temperature thermoplastic. Its rigidity, resistance to shrinkage, and easy molding qualities are unparalleled in the industry.



Qfix's premium proprietary thermoplastic, Fibreplast, combines Aquaplast RT with high strength Kevlar®. Fibreplast is 50% more rigid than standard thermoplastics and shrinks less.

Qfix Solutions
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