Fast, Reliable Daily QA


Automatic Energy Detection

  • Measure energies in any order and automatically detect energy type, begin measurement, apply corrections and display results.

  • Data is automatically saved and the device readies itself for the next energy within 10 seconds for the fastest QA on the market.


Software-Free Operation


  • Does not need to be controlled via PC, allowing for immediate pass/fail results.

  • No cables, no wires, no hassles, download data later allowing for easy trending and reporting.

Wireless Option


  • Versatile for wireless, real-time data collection using software interface and instantaneous measurement results.

  • Fast, rotational QA is ideal for IMAT, VMAT, TomoTherapy and dynamic wedge tests.


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Photon to electron with no additional build-up

QA BeamChecker Plus

Includes power/data cradle interface for battery charging and serial communications
Two 9 pin serial cables provided, 7.6 m (25 ft) and 33 m (100 ft)

Bluetooth Adapter Kit

The Bluetooth Adapter Kit allows PC only operations to be performed with no wires. While the standard QA BeamChecker Plus performs QA routines with no software or wires in Wire-Free Mode, take advantage of additional freedom in Baseline, Real-Time Operation and Physics Modes with this convenient kit. Upgradeable at any time.

Gantry Mount

Attach the QA BeamChecker Plus to the linear accelerator gantry for precise, repeatable positioning. Rotate the treatment machine and test at multiple angles for even more QA options. 

Precision TomoTherapy Levelling Platform

Level the QA BeamChecker Plus on the TomoTherapy Hi•Art System treatment couch for virtual and real isocenter laser accuracy measurements. Integrates seamlessly with other TomoTherapy daily QA procedures.

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