The SDX is a breathing control system that enables reproducible positioning of the tumour, limiting excessive irradiation of healthy tissues and contiguous organs.

The SDX® System’s unique ability to pair a patient’s inspiration rate and lung volume measurement with clear visual biofeedback makes it possible to maximise the stability of internal organs and the tumor treatment zone. This allows for an increased dose to the tumour with decreased toxicity to vital organs. SDX® is a spirometry based system for managing thoracic and abdominal tumor motion during imaging and radiation therapy.

SDX® can be used for both voluntary breath hold and free breathing techniques for:

  • Reducing tumor motion during imaging and treatment

  • Enhancing tumor imaging and visualization

  • Reducing treatment margins

  • Increasing dose with decreased toxicity to vital organs

  • Repositioning vital organs out of the high dose region


  • SDX® Module 3.0

  • SDX® Trolley 3.0

  • Video Glasses

  • Calibration Syringe

  • SDX® 3.0 Software


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SDX 3.0 Trolley Pack


  • Gating Module - Varian® C-Series**

  • Gating Module - IBA™ ProteusPLUS**

  • Gating Module - 4D-CT Siemens® SOMATOM**

  • Gating Module - Varian® ProBeam®**

**Please contact us for assistance in determining the prerequisites required to install the Gating Module with IBA™, Varian® and Siemens® interfaces.


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Automatic Gating Modules


  • Mouth piece

  • Nose Clip

  • Bacterial Viral Filter


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SDX Consumables



SDX Brochure

Looking for a data sheet, paper or user manual? Please contact us