kVue CT

The kVue CT Overlay provides new possibilities for simulation and planning

The kVue™ platform uses the same kVue™ Inserts in simulation and treatment providing consistent dosimetric properties for more accurate dose planning and delivery. 

kVue™ CT Overlays provide a method of accounting for the dosimetric properties of the kVue™ Couch Tops by enabling CT imaging of the treatment specific kVue™ insert and immobilisation accessories to seamlessly support the simulation and treatment planning process. 

kVue™ CT Overlays and Couch Tops easily adapt to patient and treatment specific needs and are designed to minimise dose to the patient’s skin and maximise the dose directed to the tumour through the use of easily interchangeable, low attenuating kVue™ Inserts.

kVue™ CT Overlays are available to fit most radiotherapy CT scanners.

REF:  RT-4550KVSS2 - Somatom Balance, Emotion or Espirit (217 cm long cradle)


REF:  RT-4550KVSS3 - Somatom Definition (240 cm long cradle)


kVue CT for Siemens

RT-4550KVSS1 - Somatom Plus 4, Sensation 4/16, Volume Zoom/Access Scanners (244 cm long cradle)​

REF:  RT-4550KVGEL -  GE LightSpeed and HiSpeed CTi (231 cm long cradle)


REF:  RT-4550KVGER - GE LightSpeed RT CT Scanner (207 cm long cradle)


kVue CT Base for GE

RT-4550KVGEC - GE LightSpeed VCT Scanner (262 cm long cradle)

REF:  RT-4550KVPTOF - Phillips Time of Flight 


KVue CT Base for Philips

RT-4550KVPBR - Philips Brilliance CT Scanner (250 cm long cradle)

REF: RT-4550KVTAQ2 - Aquilion CT scanner (for 244 cm long cradle)


KVue CT Base for Canon

RT-4550KVTAQ - Aquilion CT scanner (for 215 cm long cradle)


kVue Brochure

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