BioProtect Balloon Spacer

The BioProtect Balloon Spacer protects the rectum during radiotherapy, by creating a separation between the prostate and the rectum.

The BioProtect Spacer is an easy-to-deploy, biodegradable balloon that shifts the rectum up to 1.8 cm away from the prostate. This allows physicians to irradiate prostate tumours using any modality including escalated, hypofractionated doses while sparing healthy rectal tissue.

Balloon insertion and deployment into the prostate-rectum interspace is performed in a quick and minimally invasive transperinal technique under trans-rectal ultrasound guidance and with a local or general anaesthetic. Once the balloon is in situ, it is inflated with sterile saline to reach its final configuration. The balloon maintains its shape and size during the entire treatment period and biodegrades in the body following treatment completion.

Safe distance for dose escalation

A safe 1.8 cm distance between prostate and rectum is created enabling dose escalation and hypofractionation. This dramatically reduces the risk for radiation related complications.

Reproducible separation

A confined structure with a defined volume enable reproducible separation.


Simple deployment

Simple transperineal deployment is performed under local or general anesthesia.



No need to remove the balloon surgically as it biodegrades within six months from implantation.

Visible under CT, Ultrasound and MRI

Balloon boundaries are highly visible under any imaging modality.


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BioProtect Balloon Spacer



BioProtect Brochure

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