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Iodine and Palladium Source Holders

Complete line of source holders for calibrating iodine and palladium isotopes.

The single LDR seed source holder features a 1.2 mm inner diameter tube which positions an individual iodine, palladium, iridium or gold seed at the most sensitive area of the well chamber.


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Single LDR Seed Sources

70016 (HDR 1000 Plus)

Provides multiple seed measurements for up to 500 iodine or palladium seeds typically used for prostate cancer treatment.


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Seed Batch Assay Tool

70022 (HDR 1000 Plus)

  • Facilitates calibration and visual verification of a sterilized needle filled with seeds and spacers.

  • A universal luer lock offers seamless integration from seeds to the needle.


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Preloaded Needle Sources

70051 (IVB 1000)

The Mick® Cartridge source holder provides a consistency QA check of the activity of seeds. Source holder positions the cartridge for a quick, reproducible measurement.


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Mick® Cartridge Sources

70024 (HDR 1000 Plus)

The RAPID Strand® iodine seed source holder provides a convenient, sterile method to perform a quality assurance measurement of the I-125 RAPID Strand®.


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RAPID Strand® Iodine Seed Sources

70023 (HDR 1000 Plus)

The Nucletron seedSelectron® centers a source in the active area of the HDR 1000 Plus Well Chamber for measurement.


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Nucletron selectSeed™ Sources



Brachytherapy QA Brochure

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