Filmless, Quantifiable TG-142 QA


Specialized suite of phantoms allows for EPID-based QA recommended procedures, including:

  • MV and kV imagers

  • Cone-beam CT

  • MLC QA tests

  • IGRT 

  • Stereotactic (Winston-Lutz)

  • Radiation Field/Light Field

  • Star Shot analysis


Easy Analysis, Trending and Reporting


  • User-interface simplifies image analysis, data storage, historical trending and reporting to just a few clicks.

  • A central hub allows for quick access to TG-142 QA results from multiple computers, departments or sites.


Quick, Quantitative MV and kV QA


The Imager QA Module of PIPSpro provides quantitative, planar imaging quality assurance for MV and kV flat panel imagers, including:


  • Spatial resolution

  • Contrast

  • Uniformity and noise


Two phantoms from Standard Imaging are used with this module. The QC-3 Phantom is tailored for MV imagers, whereas the QCkV-1 is ideal for kV imaging systems, including Varian, Elekta and Cyberknife. The QCkV-1 Phantom has tighter line pairs to account for the higher resolution of kV imagers.


The PIPSpro Imager QA Module can analyse 3D image sets of the Catphan phantom, yielding quantitative data for all seven TG-142 cone-beam CT procedures.



Complete MLC QA


PIPSpro helps provides intuitive analysis of individual leaf positions. The MLC module yields quantitative data for;

  • leaf position (IMRT and non-IMRT)

  • leaf width at isocenter

  • leaf transmission (both inter-leaf and inter-bank)

  • picket fence (multiport)


The MLC Phantom is equipped with five radio-opaque spherical markers, and designed to easily conduct tests at four cardinal angles. A stand suspends the phantom off the edge of the couch at isocenter, removing the couch from the image.


Advanced Radiation Field/Light Field


The Radiation Light Field module allows for filmless execution of radiation field versus light field tests and jaw position tests. This module analyzes images of the FC-2 phantom and center marker phantom to provide a quantitative comparison of the projected light field and the radiation field being delivered.


Intuitive IGRT



When using on-board imaging systems for patient positioning, it is imperative to verify that the imaging coordinate system is aligned with the treatment beam. This test is performed using the MIMI Phantom,

providing results in either three dimensions (X, Y, Z) or in six dimensions adding pitch, yaw and roll.


The new IGRT Module in PIPSpro is designed to collect this daily data and then automatically track and trend these values over time.







Precise Winston Lutz/Stereotactic Radiosurgery QA


The Stereotactic module of PIPSpro analyses Winston-Lutz test images for coincidence of radiation and mechanical isocenter, and for periodic stereotactic radiosurgery tests. This module provides quantitative data for in-plane and cross-plane offset. When eight images are used, an additional 3D stand offset is calculated that minimizes target positioning errors. PIPSpro automatically loads all images and performs the analysis without any further user intervention.




Fast, Filmless Linear Accelerator and Imager QA.



Over 100 publications validate the performance of PIPSpro and its specialised phantoms with a variety of imagers.






Precise Winston Lutz/Stereotactic Radiosurgery QA

Powerful Star Shot Analysis


The Star Shot module of PIPSpro uses an EPID or film to measure the stability of rotation of the linac gantry, couch and collimator.


The star shot image is created by closing the main collimators to form a narrow field. Radiation is delivered through the open field to the film or imager at multiple angles. PIPSpro determines the smallest diameter of a circle intersecting the central rays.  


PIPSpro then analyzes the image and identifies the projections. A green circle indicates the image search radius which is automatically determined based on image size. The software then finds the center of each projection and traces the projections with orange lines. Data is presented in specific fields and as a chart.


PIPSpro Software

Order code: 91309

PIPSpro Software, Stereotactic Module Only

Order code: 91341

QC-kV-1 Phantom for kV imagers

Order code: 71450

QC-3 Phantom

Quality Control System including QC-3V phantom, acrylic stand and case

Order code: 71350

FC-2 Phantom

Radiation Field/Light Field Congruence

Order code: 72187

Centre Marker

Light Field Crosshair Marker

Order code: 72247

MLC QA Phantom Kit

Order cod: 72284

Winston-Lutz Pointer Phantom Kit

Order code: 72286

Winston Lutz Cube Phantom

Order code: 91345

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