Easy Alignment, Automatic Registration


Five bone equivalent rods intersect at 90 degree angles. These rods are visible in any image or slice for automatic registration of 2D/2D and 3D/3D matching and verification of isocentre position.

Fast, Accurate Alignment Checks


  • Establish mechanical stability of an image guidance system by verifying isocenter within 1 mm.

  •  A 6.4 mm sphere at the center of the phantom assists with virtual and physical graticule alignment checks.



Test Integrated System Accuracy of: 


  • 3D Cone Beam registration (CBCT, OBI, XVI) systems

  • MV/kV Isocentricity

  • Lasers and Couch Table Adjustments

  • Optical Guidance Systems

  • Virtual and physical graticules







Designed exclusively for the MIMI phantom, the HexaCheck allows secure integration with the MIMI Phantom making it easy to perform 6D couch commissioning and QA.

  • Select up to three angle offsets disengaging and locking one of three pins and for each desired ± 2.5° angular offset for pitch, yaw, and roll.

  • Instantly locks into couch for isocenter alignment and repeatable positioningto within 0.1°.

  • Compatible with a wide range of couches, including: Varian Perfect Pitch, Elekta HexaPod, CIVCO Protura, Brainlab Robotics 6D, and Accuray RoboCouch.


MIMI Phantom

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MIMI Phantom 








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