Unrivaled End-To-End Stereotactic QA



The LUCY 3D QA Phantom exceeds strict demands set by physicists performing SRS/SRT QA. Each component of the LUCY phantom is manufactured within 0.1 mm tolerances, ensuring the most precise, practical SRS tool on the market.

  • Confident Image Fusion
    Verify the accuracy of the entire image fusion process. Point and volume CT/MRI inserts allow for consistent setup and acquisition. Fused Images can be compared to meaurements in the LUCY specifications to ensure sub-millimetre precision. 

  • Minimise Transfer Errors 
    Industry-leading manufacturing tolerances provide incomparable accuracy when contrasting distance measurements to images in treatment planning software. Since distance measurements should be evaluated at each step of the process, these rigid tolerances can drastically reduce cumulative uncertainty. 

  • Simplify Patient Dosimetry
    The LUCY dosimetry inserts help to quickly obtain absolute, relative and point-dose dosimetry measurements at isocentre and at exact positions off isocentre. This allows for a seamless evaluation of dosimetric accuracy.

CT, MRI and Image Fusion


The Lucy seamlessly integrates with SRS frames and frameless systems. It can be positioned within the manufacturer’s coordinate system and rotated for operation in coronal, sagittal or transverse plane. CT/MRI marker cylinders and volume inserts provide known volumes, densities and distances to produce unparalleled 0.1 mm precision when evaluating TPS fusion.

Design and Deliver Plan


Once images are acquired and fused, the Lucy can be customized for dose and fluence calculations. Create treatment plans based on fused images or sample tumor shapes and then deliver the plans to the Lucy. Interchangeable inserts position film and detectors at the exact center of the Lucy, minimizing disruption when obtaining isocentricity and distance measurements.

Analyse and Export Results

The Lucy Phantom provides precise spatial and dosimetric data for MRI scans, comprehensive CT scans, image fusion, localization, treatment planning and export to the treatment machine. Since all these tests are conducted with the same phantom, it is easier to identify steps with potential errors and reduce uncertainties over the entire treatment chain.

LUCY 3D QA Phantom


with Precision leveling and Rotational Alignment base


LUCY Stereotactic Frame Interface of Choice


The Lucy 3D QA Phantom interfaces with most commercial SRS frames and frameless systems for fast setup and verification of placement accuracy in patient treatment conditions. The SRS frame (with Lucy) is mounted on the couch and treated within the manufacturer’s exact coordinate system.


Dosimetry QA Accessory Package


Dosimetry insert for Ion Chambers and Detectors: This insert positions the centroid of the ion chamber's active volume at the geometric centre of the LUCY phantom to easily measure absolute dose. 


Target/Treatment Verification Film Cassette: This black acrylic cassette accommodates radiochromic or conventional therapy film. It positions one 3in x 3in film at the exact center of the Lucy Phantom. Sharp markers in this cassette produce four impressions, forming a square on the film equidistant from the center for isocentricity and distance measurement tests. A fifth marker is used to identify orientation. 


Dosimetry Film Cassette for Three 2.5in x 2.5in Films: This clear acrylic cassette positions three films at the exact center of the Lucy 3D QA Phantom for film dosimetry measurements. The two films on either side of the central film are separated by 2.25mm acrylic spacers.


CT Imaging QA Accessory Package


CT Volume Insert with Three Known Geometries: This insert has three irregularly shaped air volumes of 250mm3 , 750mm3 and 1750mm3 . The volume insert evaluates the ability of the TPS to accurately recreate images as they are moved from one imaging system to another.


CT Marker Cylinders, set of Four: Each marker cylinder contains five 2mm diameter aluminum spheres which are spaced 5mm center to center or 3mm apart. The targets within the four marker cylinders create a square 60mm on each side. When used in conjunction with the MRI Marker Cylinders, these inserts evaluate the fusion function of treatment planning programs.


Electron Density Insert: This insert provides a quick and convenient check of the CT density tables used by the imaging and treatment planning systems. The insert is comprised of: Blue Water, air, trabecular bone, cortical bone and adipose.


CT Grid Insert for Spatial Distortion: This two dimensional metallic grid is designed to check image distortion and symmetry. Grid lines are visible at conventional settings for CT scanners. The grid wires are 0.5mm aluminum, spaced 5mm apart and originate at the center of the insert. 


MRI Imaging QA Accessory Package


MRI Volume Insert with Three Known Geometries: This insert has three irregularly shaped volumes filled with mineral oil; used to analyze image integrity when moved fr

om one imaging system to another. 


MRI Marker Cylinders, set of Four: These cylinders contain five, 2mm diameter spheres, spaced 5mm center to center or 3mm apart. The targets within the cylinders create a square 60mm on each side. When used in conjunction with the CT Marker Cylinders, these markers evaluate the fusion function of treatment planning programs. 


MRI Signal Generator: The signal generator contains a manganese chloride solution that produces enough MRI signal strength to easily image the MRI Marker Cylinders. 


Radiation Alignment Pointer


The Radiation Alignment Pointer attaches to the Precision Leveling and Rotational Alignment Base for secure positioning. The 5mm tungsten sphere tip is used for radiation, laser and optical alignment. It can be locked into a Lucy frame for easy setup and verification at isocenter with film or EPID.


The tungsten sphere tip of the Radiation Alignment Pointer can be imaged for the Winston-Lutz test. The sphere is placed at the mechanical isocenter of the treatment room as determined by the room lasers. The accelerator is then rotated to each required gantry angle, and the sphere is imaged with film or an EPID. 



Additional Accessories


MRI Isocentric Volume Insert: This insert has an isocentrically-placed target of known volume for integrated testing of CT and MR imaging, image fusion and treatment planning and a center marker sphere for isocenter-alignment. 


3D Volumetric Target Dosimetry Kit: The Multiple Target Shapes Insert offers complex geometries targets of known dimensions and volumes to challenge and assess the reconstruction capabilities of the treatment planning system. Evaluate the ability of your TPS to include and avoid critical structures and then utilize the included film cassette to verify dose delivery to the target.


IGRT kV and X-Ray Angiography Marker Cylinders: The IGRT kV and X-Ray Angiography Marker Cylinders are used with the CT Marker Cylinders and the MRI Marker Cylinders to evaluate the fusion function of treatment planning programs.


Dosimetry Cassette for Thirteen 2.5x2.5 inch films and Three 3x3 inch films: These cassettes position film in the large void in one hemisphere of the Lucy 3D QA Phantom for film dosimetry measurements. The cassette and spaces are made of clear acrylic. 


Dosimetry Insert for MOSFET Detectors: This insert positions 15 MOSFET detectors in the central plane of the Lucy Phantom. One detector is positioned at the exact center of the phantom. The size of the cavities are 2.5 x 8 x 1mm


Dosimetry Inserts for TLD Detectors: This dosimetry insert positions up to [49 TLDs -3mm] or [85 TLDs – 1mm] in the central plane of the Lucy 3D QA Phantom. One TLD is positioned at the exact center of the phantom. The size of the cavities are [3.4 x 3.4 x 1 mm] or [1.5 x 1.5 x 1 mm].

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